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<A HREF="">Peoria @ Atlantic City 4-9-04</A>

We went up to see the Peoria Rivermen play the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies @ Boardwalk Hall. (Traffic was horrendous on the way up.) The Bullies have a ridiculous "no cameras except for credentialed media" policy, but the helpful fans on the Bullies' official message board assured me that as long as I did not use flash or video and didn't have too obvious a lens, I would be OK.

Shot the game with my Canon 10D and old 75-300 lens. Not the greatest photos (I can tell I did not have my good lenses, and the dirty Plexiglas is obvious in some shots), but not too shabby, either.

Based on comments I received from fans of both teams, the fans liked my shots, too. Had to tell several people that (unfortunately) I can't sell ECHL photos.

Peoria won 6-3. It was a pretty even game until the third period.

My playoff record this season: 1-0 overall, 1-0 in my lucky Vandermeer jersey.

<A HREF="">Devils @ Flyers 4-10-04</A>

The next night we went to see game 2 of the Devils/Flyers series. Our seats were in the second row upstairs, behind the net Philly defended twice. Shot the game with my trusty 10D and the bad 75-300 lens. Again, I can tell the difference the lens made, but I have some shots I really like, like the one of John LeClair blowing a bubble in warm-ups and the one of Philly's goal in the third period.

My 2004 playoffs record: 2-0 overall, 2-0 in my lucky Vandermeer jersey.

<A HREF="">RMHBC end of season banquet 4-8-04</A>

The Richmond Metro Hockey Booster Club had its end of season banquet at the Comfort Inn Midtown. My camera and I were not getting along that night for some reason. Oh well.

<A HREF="">Kickers scrimmage vs. GMU 4-4-04</A>

I always complain that there is not enough light at Kickers games. This afternoon game had (mostly) wonderful light, but a cold biting wind that constantly blew grit and sand into my contact lenses (ouch) and equipement. My soccer timing is off, but I got some good shots, but the Kickers were wearing warmup/practice jerseys. Game ended in a disappointing draw.

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