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Convoy to Camp Victory

Convoy from International Zone to Camp Victory by Route Irish

  • Sean (Private)
    6 years 5 months ago
    I had to put these signs up at night with my section (HQ Sect Banshee co 69th INF) We patrolled all night under IR conditions only. You'd be amazed how much noise a Picket pounder makes at 0300.  
  • Sean (Private)
    6 years 5 months ago
    The Brad to the right in the treeline is from C-2/156 Blacksheep from Houma, LA.
  • Sean (Private)
    6 years 5 months ago
    The "Red Sniper" Bldg on the horizon B-1/69INF
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    6 years 10 months ago
    Trailers on Camp Liberty
    One heck of a place to be, dusty, but fun!!
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    6 years 11 months ago
    "Two guys in a canoe"
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    6 years 11 months ago
    Did you see 256th's Mardi GRAS parade that year?
  • Tallil2long (Private)
    6 years 11 months ago
    We called this road the Back 40 Road. We were there in 2005. HHC 36th Combat Engineer Brigade.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    7 years 1 month ago
    I would walk from my lsa to go eat there every now and then. just across the street corner from the px area.
  • 9 years 6 months ago
    Thanks for the photos. Really brought back memeories of OIF 05-07. Chaplain
    Camp Liberty, Pad 15 near MWR/ 4ID Chapel/Post Office/ Antenna Hill/ . I never realized that security baloon was so large!
    Anyway, Glad you are home safe.
  • Janie Nuttall (Private)
    13 years 11 months ago
    Pattie - I believe you have a winner for submission to a photo contest. Your pictures have been great.

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